Half Star Quilts

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Time to wrap it up.

For those who are passionate about sewing and all things quilting...

A few years ago I used to use my Etsy shop for selling items that I had made, such as bags, book and device covers. This was a great way of using up fabrics that I had bought and making a bit of money too. I soon realised that I was spending more time marketing the items than actually making them and the enjoyment was short lived. Since switching to writing quilt patterns I have thought for a while that I could write one for the device cover that I used to make, and make it generic so that it could be used for any size hand held device, such as an e-reader or tablet. After recently releasing my free Star Gazing Block pattern, which was available to download for free over the last few weeks, I thought that it would be a good way to showcase the block and show what can be done with just one block.

It started with a practice block, some soft denim and a splash of one of my favourite fabrics that I have been holding on to for some time. Then a decision of which fabrics to put where, so I settled on the denim on the outside with a splash of the 'feature' fabric as a nice stripe on the front. This fabric could also then be a nice surprise as you open the case up to use your device.

With a bit of unpicking when my first attempt created the frame for my block a little too small, I created the outer cover of the overall required size, ready for trimming. Now to set about constructing the inside of the cover and the corner pieces to hold the device in place.

As there are a few layers to sew though coming up so I dug out my 'Humper Jumper' to help keep my presser foot from tilting. These are inexpensive and well worth having, especially if you are into making bags and anything with thick seams. It can save a number of broken needles!

The inside is simple to construct, with a central section where the device is held in place and carefully measured side flaps to create the closings.

Once the front and back have been constructed it's just a case of sewing them together, turning through, adding the stabiliser, a bit of topstitching and Velcroâ„¢, and you have a very useful (and attractive) cover to protect your device!

You can also find the pattern for the Star Gazing cushion available now too.

You can purchase this pattern through my Payhip or Etsy shop by clicking the buttons below