Half Star Quilts

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Kaleido Stars' Big Sister...

For those who are passionate about sewing and all things quilting...

Kaleido Multi Stars Quilt.

After creating the Kaleido Stars (Mystery ) quilt pattern I started to see the potential for a more intricate design if I multiplied the amount of blocks, rotated them and connected the ‘ribbons’. Sounds simple I hear you say!

I realised that if the blocks were the same size it would create a big king size quilt, which although nice is a bit big for most to manage. So, calculator and graph paper out I started to work it out again. Don’t feel sorry for me though, it’s what I like doing most 😁

Not content in making it in one size, I have included the instructions for making it in the same size as the Kaleido Stars Quilt, at 56½” square, and a bigger version at 84” square. And, of course, you can always use the original pattern to make one at more like 112” square if you make more of the centre panel and add borders.

I raided my stash and came up with this …

Determined to keep to using what I already have I deviated from the pattern with the borders, as I didn’t quite have enough of either.

You’ll also see that this pattern uses the same fabric as the ribbon that rings the star blocks, which is different to the original. I love the way the centre ring interlocks them all together. When the 4 quarters are sewn up and you’re about to join them it’s fun to try out different placements. You might be able to see that it could be changed to put the bottom half at the top and then in my example the purple fabric would make the centre ring and the darker teal the larger centre circle.

I can see that making the stars in a scrappy way would be great, and also the ribbons if you kept to the same colour palette for each.

As there are more Half Square Triangle units to make there is a different method in the instructions for making 8 at a time to make the construction quicker and the initial cutting simpler.

With the help of phone Apps I have mocked up how the original Kaleido Stars (Mystery) Quilt block layout would look if repeated in the same way, and I love it!

This is why it was given it’s name as it looks so much like a Kaleidoscope - I loved these as a child.
Thank you to Carol for sending me the photographs of your blocks.

As promised, all that have sent in and/or shared their progress with me during the Mystery Quilt sew along have been sent this new pattern as a thank you freebie.
If you haven’t received it please check your Spam/Junk email folder and let me know if it’s not there.

As you can imagine it’s quite a long pattern so I have only listed it as a pdf download. If you don’t have a printer and would like to purchase it as a printed pattern please do get in touch.

It is available in both my Etsy and Payhip shops. Links to both sites and social media pages can be found via the button below

Granny 🌟 Stars
I finished it!
I really enjoyed making this smaller version of my Granny Stars quilt for our niece. I made 9 of the granny square blocks and then played around with borders, again using only fabric that I have. I think I only have one small 2” square left of the plum coloured fabric which I eked out to make some punchy cornerstones.


I included some subtle fairy and Peter Rabbit fabrics in the star centres, Tilda and spotty for the centre and outer squares, and backed it with a beautiful Peter Rabbit scene fabric.
It has now been gifted and hopefully loved for many years to come.
The original pattern has 25 blocks but can easily be adjusted to make a bigger or smaller version.

As always please continue to share any of your Half Star Quilt makes to my social media accounts - link icons below ♥

Take care
Jayne x