Half Star Quilts

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Gallery of Blocks...

For those who are passionate about sewing and all things quilting...

There have been some participants quick off the mark this month, so I thought that I would do a short share with you all of some of the great combinations of blocks made so far ..

Please keep them coming, as I love to see them all!
You can share via the Facebook Group ( we have a lovely set of people active in the group ), on Instagram or by email if you don’t have any social media accounts.

New Pattern coming soon!

A while ago I designed and made a quilt using the Star Gazing block pattern. When I had finished piecing the top there was something not quite right about it, so as many of us will have done, I popped it away in a box to take a fresh look at it at a later date.
Whilst sorting out my stash the other weekend with my lovely Mom we came across the quilt top. With some encouragement from a close friend in my phone, you know who you are ;), I have worked out what was wrong and have begun unpicking and sewing to hopefully bring you this new pattern by the end of the month.
Just got to think of a name for it now. Any suggestions would be gratefully received and could result in the gift of a free pattern if I like one enough.

As always please continue to share any of your Half Star Quilt makes to my social media accounts - link icons below ♥

Take care
Jayne x