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Mystery Quilt Month 2 Blocks..

For those who are passionate about sewing and all things quilting...

..and Spring is closer!

I am so chuffed with all of the Mystery Quilt Month 1 blocks that have been made and photographs shared. there have been lots of lovely feedback and all seem to be thoroughly enjoying it.
January can be such a grey long month after the celebrations of December and I sincerely hope that it has brought a bit of bright colour and cheer to everyone taking part or just watching the progress, everyone is welcome.
Let’s see if we can add more colour to our lives until Spring is here, that lovely time of year when gardens start to come alive.

Please keep the photographs coming. It really doesn’t matter if you haven’t managed to make Month 1 blocks yet. We’d still love to see them in February, March or whenever 😊

Now on to Month 2 blocks …

These are very simple blocks but play a very important part in how the design pulls together. I find that mistakes are more likely to happen on the simplest of blocks, so careful attention must be paid to the fabric to be used and which order and orientation to add fabric pieces.

Here they are on their own, in the original colourway, also when the lighting wasn’t particularly good! It’s hard to make them look pretty like the star blocks, hence the photograph above with the Month 1 blocks of my flannel version in the background.


It's really useful to snip off a bit of each fabric and stick or staple it to the fabric cutting list, so that you can easily see which fabric is referred to by code in the pattern, especially if your fabrics are different to my colourway

A new place to sew!

My husband has for a long time had a hankering to build a garden building, and as my stash has spread out and taken over the spare room has hinted on more than one occasion that I should think about moving in to such a space. Having always liked being around the rest of the household I’ve always dismissed the idea.
During lockdown he has been required to work from home, as have many, and has commandeered the dining room for an office. So, last springtime, he set about planning and building the ‘hut’. the intention being that he would use it as an office, now working from home permanently for a few days a week.

Cutting a long story short, due to renovations required to the said spare room I seem to have gained a very nice quilting space, even if just for a trial period.
After a really lovely day spent with my Mom, sorting through everything, I have put this quilt top together from blocks that I had made quite a while ago and were waiting for inspiration.
My favoured way of joining blocks is with sashing and cornerstones as you can get everything lined up so neatly. What’s your preferred way?

As always please continue to share any of your Half Star Quilt makes to my social media accounts - link icons below ♥
Take care
Jayne x